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Marc W Slutzky, MD, PhD

Marc W Slutzky, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurology (Comprehensive Neurology) and Physiology


Administrative office: 312-503-4653
Clinic (for patients): 312-695-7950

Robert H Lurie Medical Research Center Room 8-121
303 E Superior
Chicago IL 60611

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Hospital Affiliations

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Education and Certification

PhD: Northwestern University, Biomedical Engineering (2000)
MD: Northwestern University/Feinberg School of Medicine (2002)
Residency: Northwestern University, McGaw Medical Center (Northwestern Memorial Hospital) (2006)
Board Certification: Neurology


Description of Interests

In the clinical realm, I see both general neurology and epilepsy patients. In addition to his clinical responsibilities, my research is focused on neural prosthetics, including brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) and myoelectric computer interfaces (MCIs). BMIs are devices that translate signals from the cerebral cortex and use them to control a variety of outputs such as a computer cursor, prosthetic limb, or electrically-stimulated muscles in a paralyzed limb. BMIs could allow patients with severe paralysis (quadriplegic or “locked-in,” for example from ALS or spinal cord injury) to interact with their environment and potentially regain the use of a limb again. In addition, this technology could also provide a way for such impaired subjects to communicate by directly decoding their intended speech from the cortex. Our ultimate goal is to refine BMIs to the point that they can safely and effectively be used in humans for long-term applications. We are also developing MCIs to help improve arm function in people who have had a stroke. The ultimate goal is to provide a portable interface that subjects can use to play games that help rehabilitate their movement.

Interests (Keywords)

Bioengineering; Brain Injury; Brain, Nervous System; Computational Neuroscience; Movement Control; Neural Engineering; Neurology; Physiology

Research and Publications

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