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Research Areas Overview

To learn more about our research areas of focus and their associated faculty and labs, click an area below:

  • Circadian Rhythms and Sleep Research
    Investigators study circadian rhythm and the functions of sleep with the aim of advancing sleep medicine.
  • Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease
    From basic science to clinical trials and social and behavioral investigations, our work addresses neurological diseases that affect cognition and behavior.
  • Developmental and Regenerative Neurobiology
    Investigators pursue a greater understanding of the mechanisms that regulate the development of the nervous system in order to develop approaches to regenerate or repair the damaged adult nervous system. 
  • Epilepsy and Neurophysiology
    Research focuses on interventions to improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals with seizures.
  • Movement Disorders
    The diverse array of our studies related to complex movement disorders span from basic science to patient outcomes.
  • Neurocritical Care
    Investigators conduct trials and studies to help patients who are neurocritically ill.
  • Neuroimmunology
    This work examines new agents and therapeutics to advance the understanding and treatment of inflammatory diseases.
  • Neuroinfectious Disease
    Our neuroinfectious disease research ranges in focus from the clinical to the molecular.
  • Neuromuscular Medicine
    Investigators work to develop improved and novel clinical trials and therapies for individuals with neuromuscular disorders.

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