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Neuroinfectious Disease Research

Below are the labs and faculty who study the clinical, radiological, immunological, histological and molecular aspects of neuroinfectious diseases.


 Koralnik Lab

Dr. Koralnik’s lab studies viral effects on the nervous system.


The laboratory of Igor Koralnik, MD, studies how viruses affect the nervous system. These include SARS-CoV-2 in patients with COVID-19, HIV in patients with substance use, as well as the entire virome in patients with neurodegenerative diseases. In addition, the Koralnik Lab is involved in global neurology research with international partners.

For more information and publications see the faculty profile of Igor Koralnik, visit the Koralnik Lab or the Program for Global Neurology.


See Dr. Koralnik's publications on PubMed.


Email Dr. Igor Koralnik

Twitter: @IgorKoralnik


Koralnik, Igor J

Koralnik, Igor J

Professor, Neurology (Neuro-infectious Disease and Global Neurology)

Dang, Xin

Dang, Xin

Research Assistant Professor, Neurology (Neuro-infectious Disease and Global Neurology)

Graham, Edith L

Graham, Edith L

Assistant Professor, Neurology (MS/Neuroimmunology), Neurology (Hospital Neurology)

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