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Stroke and Neurocritical Care Clinical Research Collaborative

The Stroke and Neurocritical Care Clinical Research Collaborative (SNC2RC) was established to promote, support, and provide regulatory and fiduciary oversight to cutting-edge clinical research in acute neurology to serve all patients of Northwestern Medicine. It ensures adherence to good clinical practices, procedures, and regulations developed by the Northwestern University IRB Office, FDA, and Code of Federal Regulations, as well as the International Conference on Harmonization.

The SNC-CRC offers:

  • Formal evaluation of potential clinical and translational research studies by a Scientific Advisory Board for scientific merits, feasibility, and fiscal accountability to support investigators with varying degrees of experience and knowledge about the process.
  • Aid in identifying potential pitfalls and barriers (e.g., inadequate patient volume for enrollment, competing concurrent trials) so that individual investigators can make informed decisions about participation.
  • A centralized approach to hire, onboard, train, and manage research staff. Ensures a strength-based personnel assignment, minimizes staff coverage gaps through cross training, and increases branding value, which is important for talent recruitment and retention.
  • Unique educational opportunities to engage trainees, which can be synergistic with clinical training and help develop future careers.


Nicole Miller, MS, PA-C

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